About Chili365

It was hatched as a half-witted idea brought about by sleep deprivation and a few cans of Hamms.  There must be a million ways to prepare chili.  I could drag my family along on an incredible odyssey- chili once a day every day for a year with each recipe a unique chili365 original.  As much a social experiment as a means by which to assemble a kick ass cookbook, we stand (quivering) at the precipice of a formative experience.   Like it or not, we will learn something in 2014- should we survive the frequent trips to the grocer, the monotonous cuisine, and the heartburn coupled with gastro-intestinal distress.   Stay tuned for succulent recipes and updates on my touchy relationship with the Involuntary Tasting Panel (for tax purposes, my family).

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12 Responses to About Chili365

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  3. Liz says:

    I love this–you are brilliant! And good call on the Hamms.

  4. Hi, I dropped by as I saw your name and site posted on the Ranting Chef’s Diced Chili cook off. I submitted my Denver Green Chili, so I wanted to check out the competition and say Hi! I hafta admit, after seeing your site I’m feeling a bit daunted, but heck, may the best chili win! I’m looking forward to seeing yours! And what kind of competition would it be without a bit of trash – talking, so I gotta tell ya, my Grandma drank Hamms…ah heck, maybe it was Grain Belt…

    Ms. Frau

    • spasture says:

      Whoa! Grain Belt? That’s awesome. How about Pigs Eye?

      The Denver Green Chili sounds fantastic. I am very much looking forward to seeing it.

      Thank you for contacting me. Your site is outstanding and far more useful than just about anything on the web.


      • Wow, you do know your beer (and chili) and what a fun site you have! Not very many people know about Pig’s Eye! Pig’s Eye would probably have been far to Chi Chi for my Grandmother.

        After my Grandfather passed away in the 70’s, Grandma would watch the Tonight Show every night (Johnny Carson) before she went to bed and have one beer, and one beer only. She lived way into her late 80’s, so that beer sure did her no harm! I image my Grandpa kept her company, every evening.

        And thanks much for the lovely compliment! I’m enjoying your site, too! You’re so funny and creative…marathons, beer and chili! Wow!

      • spasture says:

        Grain Belt and Johnny Carson- your grandparents’ had an enviable nightly ritual. Such fond memories are to be cherished.

        There is much I can learn from your wisdom at http://frugalhausfrau.com/
        For one thing, I am widely panned for making terrible gravy. I am looking forward to diving in. Thank you again for building a tremendous resource.

        BTW- Bissen Sie einen Deutschlander?

      • Only with a translator! And thanks again for the pitch and the compliment!

        Hey, just remember the sayin’ “It’s all gravy!” Piece of cake, really!

        Hey are you local to the Twin Cities? Or perhaps that’s too personal? You do seem to have a working grasp of Spam and Pig’s Eye!

      • spasture says:

        I fondly remember my brief stay-over in the TC. An impetuous 19 year old can have fun (and misery) in the Cities..

  5. ohiocook says:

    Thank you for stopping by my blog.

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