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(Almost) UnBeetable Chili Chocolate Birthday Cake

 How are marathons better than birthdays? You are able to share them with hundreds of people all in one spot. They last longer.  (At least it seems that way, especially the final hour). You feel like you’ve earned it. There’s … Continue reading

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Sultry Mocha Chocolate Chili Sauce

The air hung damp as desire dripped like sweat off the brow.  My advances met with discomforting silence.  Off balance and self-consciously unrelenting, I remained persistent as this was a significant anniversary. I began again, this time calmly and at … Continue reading

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Chili Pudding Dessert Extraordinaire

It is the nights on which Mrs. Chili365 works late that the “Father of the Year” judges are watching me most closely.  I half expected them to show up at the door and hand me the award as I served … Continue reading

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Sweet Chili Carrot Pudding

Peace of mind is, at best, a hopeless recluse.  Far more likely, it “exists” as a gentle fiction.  Indeed there are times I suspect it an outright lie.   I groped gloomily for a measure of sanity while engaging in this … Continue reading

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Batman Chocolate Chip Chili Cookies

Cookie Monster Haiku   “C” is for cookie Chocolate and chili too Monster with Heartburn   The Wednesday morning treat ritual is the stuff of legends.  With two treats arriving early on these designated mornings, there is assurance that my … Continue reading

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Double Chocolate Chili Cookies

Looks like Mrs. Chili365 was finally wrong about something. You really can just throw some [stuff] together and expect it to come out as a cookie. Perhaps the Missus has been wrong twice, as I patiently await confirmation that dressing … Continue reading

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