Liebster Award Post

Liebster Award Post


The Liebster award is awarded to bloggers with under 1000 followers to try to promote their blog a little and also bring together a community of bloggers.

Big Thanks

Dana, your blog is a consistent source of smiles. I love the recipes and your prose is pitch perfect. Thank you for nominating me.

As part of the acceptance, there are 5 tasks I must complete:
1. LINK back to the person who nominated you;
2. SHARE 11 facts about yourself;
3. ANSWER 11 questions set by your nominator;
4. NOMINATE 5-11 people who you think deserves the Liebster Award.
5. ASK your nominees 11 questions.
6. AFTER YOU PUBLISH your Liebster post, go to your nominee’s blog and let them know you have nominated them.

Eleven Random Facts:

1) Prior to this year, I had done the majority of the household’s cooking. Now that Mrs. Chili365 has chained me to the stove and insisted that I make chili every-single-day, I do all of the cooking.
2) I tirelessly crusade to end my chronic exhaustion.
3) Mrs .Chili 365 and I were married on Halloween. None of our children was officially born on Halloween.
4) Some see the glass as half full, while some see it as half empty. I see the glass and hope that it contains my homebrew.
5) Somewhere in the grainy footage that is the Zapruder film, you can just make out the faint outline of me, making a bowl of chili.
6) If this “chili every day” thing totally blows up in my face, I’m enrolling in the witness protection program, but only part time, as I have a commitment phobia.
7) I live in a household of interesting and socially savvy people who would prefer to spend their time alone.
8) My quote as published in my high school yearbook, “If the surgeon general warns against it, it’s likely a good deal of fun.”
9) It is May 27, 2014 and I have now run on 265 consecutive days. I have my feet and my chili to thank.
10) The best advice I have ever received was given to me by the best man at my wedding. He calmly stated, “You don’t really eat corn, you just borrow it.”
11) With all sincerity, I hope you have a terrific day.

Answers to Dana’s questions:

1. What’s a day in your life? Take your time…paint a picture for us.

Life is a mixed bag, mostly containing (in constantly changing proportions): running, chickens, work, family, chili, beer, and writing. At any hour day or night, one or more of these likely has my attention.

2. If you could only keep what piece of clothing in your closet, what would it be and why?

At first ,I was thinking ascot. I look tremendous in an ascot. Not only that, ascots are so versatile. You could make use it for a belt, a broach, or a Kleenex. After I calmed down, I settled on my running shoes. I look like a runner in my running shoes and they also are so versatile. I can, you know, run in them.

3. Do you prefer music or books? Why?

Music is easier to digest. One can listen while running or listen while making a pot of chili. Books, though more attention consuming, can be far more rewarding and leave a more indelible impression. A few that have left their mark: For Whom the Bell Tolls, Catcher in the Rye, East of Eden, On the Road, Chili Nation, and 365 Penguins.

4. What’s something you’d secretly like to wear but haven’t worked the courage up to try it?

Now that I’ve broken down and started wearing compression socks on my long runs (thanks for making it acceptable, Meb), perhaps an apron fashionably adorned with a bowl of chili and goading bystanders to “Kiss the Chef” would be fab.

5. What are 3 guilty pleasures of yours?

Beer, Pet chickens, long distance running.

6. What are 3 bad habits of yours?

Beer, breakfast cereal before bed, singing (badly) to the chickens.

7. What post would you re-do if you could? Link to it.

Probably this one most of all. The picture is dyspeptic (and that is being polite).

8. When you take pictures for your blog, do you already have a concept in mind or are you kind of winging it?

Chili, for all its redeeming qualities, is simply hideous for the eye to behold. I just try to get a photograph where it doesn’t look like someone barfed in a bowl.

9. What are the ways you drive engagement within your blog?

I continue to write, in spite of myself.

10. What do you find is the optimal posting time?

If there is one, I don’t know it. I find that a good time to generate ideas is while running.

11. What message do you want people who read your blog to take away?

A means by which they can annoy their neighbors with chili AND an appreciation for how my sanity is crumbling away- bit by it.

(In no particular order)

Sister Madly- Crazy fun, wickedly cool.
Agilewriter Incredible meal ideas.
Beerfoodie: Beer AND food, now that’s living.
Henisland: Island living and chickens, too cool.
The Incidental Spoon Never fails to make me hungry.
2nd Hand Ideas: extremely well done, extremely good food.
Colonial cravings: Excellent ideas, totally fun.

Questions for Nominees:

1) What would you do with your free time if you weren’t blogging?
2) What literary character would you most like to be?
3) What is your super power?
4) Dogs or Cats? (Or chili)?
5) How do you conquer writer’s block?
6) How frequently do you check your stats?
7) If you could speak with a dead person, who would it be?
8) What is your favorite kind of chili?
9) What is the best advice you have ever received?
10) What is the worst impulse purchase you’ve made?
11) What would you change about your blog, if you could?

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4 Responses to Liebster Award Post

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  2. Dana Fashina says:

    Dude I just saw this!!

    Love your answers, hahaha!! Do you wear your running shoes when you cook chili?
    Maybe you can wear your ascot with your new apron (whenever someone takes the hint and gets you one :D)

    • spasture says:

      The running shoes are a constant companion and I do wear them while making chili.

      I think that the ascot-apron-compression sock trifecta would be an absolute style coup. On second thought, you know far, far more about fashion than do I. Best to defer to your better judgment…

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