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Chili Out Chicken Taco

Man is restless by nature. Herein lies his greatest virtue and most tragic fault.  Evidently once one has, but tirelessly striving and endlessly toiling, reached the apex of success, he redoubles his effort to relentlessly tear down that which he … Continue reading

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Trifecta Curry Chili

A trinity of spices: chili powder, taco seasoning, and sweet curry or a triumvirate of vegetables:  carrots, peas, and cauliflower- either way three is the magic number.   I have long wanted to serve up a curry chili but there … Continue reading

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Chicken Chili Hominy Harmony

Tortilla soups present an exciting array of bold flavors. Not only that, they offer the opportunity to rip tortillas into interesting and, at times, lascivious shapes. Incorrigibleness is one of my finer qualities. Arm me with hominy. Would this make … Continue reading

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Makeover Chili Taco Pizza

A show of hands- Who likes playing dress up? Regrettably, this post will offer no insight on my longing to see Mrs. Chili365 tastefully adorned as Cat Woman. Rather, it will offer an idea for gussying up leftover cheese pizza. … Continue reading

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Jazzy Chili Tacos

Owing to its all-star lineup of ingredients, taco night is to be held in solemn high regard. Poised with competing interests and positioned antagonistically, life (in the biological sense) is marked by its breath-taking beauty, awe-inspiring intricacy, and doggedly stubborn … Continue reading

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Simple Pork Taco Chili

Tonight, something easy to prepare. To borrow a phrase Bill Clinton liked to use, “It’s the KISS principle- Keep It Simple, Stupid.” A good takeaway, indeed. None-the-less, it’s best not to borrow carte blanche from anyone, including President Clinton. That … Continue reading

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