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Wild Side Chili Sushi

At chili365 we’re all about pushing the boundaries and rebadging ‘impossible’ as “been there, done that, made the flippin’ chili.” Sushi and Chili a culture clash?  Hardly.  A match made in culinary heaven is more like it. If your idea … Continue reading

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The Roast With the Most…..Chili

Look deeply into my eyes, dear stranger, and tell me truly- is there anything ketchup can’t do?  I’m not positing that ketchup is the world’s great food but I will submit versatility as one of its admirable attributes. Let’s review … Continue reading

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Pork and Bean Chili With Pork

In labeling a can of Van Camp’s, the moniker “Pork and Beans” is something of a misnomer.  Please understand, the mushy white beans in a Karen Carpenter-thin tomato sauce really hit the spot during a cookout or ballpark outing.  Today, … Continue reading

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Slow Cooker Hot Dog and Pumpkin Chili

December 3rd 2005 will forever be remembered as the day of the great sporking incident. Chili Jr (then 4 years old) tried to remove Pre’s left eye with a plastic “hybrid” utensil. While the motivation for this completely uncharacteristic and … Continue reading

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Slow Cooker Tender Elk Chili

Sick and tired of your drab, dull kitchen? Why not “spice” things up? Drop a pile of turmeric all over your counter, cabinets, and floor. You’ll go from lackluster to screaming highlighter yellow in one fell swoop. Yes, nothing shrieks … Continue reading

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Leftover Vegetable Chili

In the past I have evoked all the passion and certitude of Patrick Henry when proclaiming, “When life gives you the sausage, make chili.” Somewhat paradoxically, I can meekly murmur, with all the fire and conviction of Boober Fraggle, “If … Continue reading

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Chili Meatloaf

Day 81 Today more fowl play. I was running through the nature preserve and encountered 3 enormous wild turkeys. Usually, when encountering a flock of wild turkeys I will defer and take a circuitous path to avoid angering them. Without … Continue reading

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