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Scotch Egg Pie Chili

I’ve long admired the Scots.  Be it their attire (kilts), their cuisine (eggs), or their whiskey.   I don’t recall what whiskey from Scotland is called but I imagine it is something Scottish.  Failing a miraculous recovery of my memory, we’ll … Continue reading

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Skillet Campfire Chili

It is the difficult decisions that often are the hardest to make.  As space was limited during our traverse to the wilderness, I was tasked with selecting to include on our primitive adventure either the gi-normous frying pan or Mrs. … Continue reading

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Peek-A-Boo Breakfast Chili

The announcement of breakfast fare for an evening meal usually brings with it a palpable excitement. Toss a chili into the “breakfast” mix, and you generate a tangible buzz. This recipe is simple, mostly owing to the use of pre-cooked … Continue reading

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January 14th-Little Sausage Chili (sausage/ground beef)

Recently a colleague likened my daughter and her rambunctious friends to a bunch of salchichas.  The amusement of the parallel drawn between spicy little sausages and my daughter and her cohorts was not lost on me, nor was the muse.  … Continue reading

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January 3, 2013- Breakfast Brat Chili

When life gives you the sausage, make chili. Birthdays are a time for self-renewal, positive reflection, and, of course, chili.  When you are a newly-minted teen and your dad threatens to feed your overnight guests chili for breakfast, renewal and … Continue reading

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