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Sinful Chili Dog Salad

Pre and Chili Jr. have done well in avoiding petitioning my advice on how to impress the ladies, as they well know any of my recommendations would need to be taken with an ocean of salt. I can, however, share … Continue reading

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Valentine Chili with Pig Heart- Day 46

It had been awhile since we had ordered a whole hog from the hyper-loquacious self-obsessed dullard we called Farmer Dennis. Old Denny would could numb like Novocain as he spoke for hours (in 15 minute loops) on how he could … Continue reading

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January 11th- Grilled Chili Rubbed Steak (Beef)

The ability to perspire during a run can be used a barometer of sorts.  If I can break a good sweat on my daily run, it is a sure-fire indicator that it is warm enough to grill outdoors.  Further, if … Continue reading

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