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Chili Crab Quiche

Never underestimate the burdens a man will endure to protect his own self-interest.  Quiche (or egg pie for the less effete) offers a litmus test.  Are you willing to eat it or not?  With chili all is possible and all … Continue reading

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New Sensation Chili Green Lasagna Pie

There is more to lasagna than mozzarella, Fella. As for ground beef, that’s so 1950, Chief. And pasta sauce?  il est très passé, Hoss. To hell with the rhyme, time to bust the paradigm. Lasagna my way. (Okay?)   Ingredients: 4 … Continue reading

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Guacamole and Chili Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington is a culinary piece de resistance– unquestionably debonair with beef tenderloin wrapped in a flaky crust.  Gorgeously stunning.  Ah, but what’s this?  A dark secret?  My goodness, why is it that the hotties are always bat-shit crazy?  Beef … Continue reading

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Meatball Chili Shepherd’s Pie (Cat-herder Style)

Shepherd’s pies feature a glorious intermingling of meat and vegetable under a seductive valance of mashed potato. Undoubtedly the dish is dubbed as such because it was perfect meal if you are old fashioned and, uh you know, herding sheep. … Continue reading

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Chili Cheeseburger Pie

Day 92 I do believe I’m violating the prenuptials by making chili with beans three nights in a row. Some love their spouse while others are in love with their car. Recently I’ve become smitten with my glass pie pan. … Continue reading

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Fish Taco Chili Pie

Day 73 A ménage à trois of food favorites. Who, could resist? Chili, fish tacos, and pie- in love, sweet love. Enjoy your PI Day. Add to a pan: 1 pound of catfish, diced 2 T olive oil. Fry on … Continue reading

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Chili Ribs on a Stick

Day 68 At long last, the weather appears to be breaking in our favor. Time to grill. Naturally when the news of ribs on a stick broke, there were divergent aspirations among the populace. I was thinking, “chili ribs on … Continue reading

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