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Crispy Marinated Chili Pork Nuggets

There is no “I” in “TEAM” and there is no “C” nor “H” nor “L” either.  Thus team is utterly useless when making chili.  Upon further review, as excludes a full 22 letters, one may correctly deduce that “TEAM” is … Continue reading

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South of the Border Fish Chili with Corn and Edamame

A far-flung flight of fancy from the fantastic fish fries which fairly filled fully the first fourteen of my formative years. EFFF- this.  Alliteration is surely is the work of dark forces, agencies well beyond the comprehension of the innately … Continue reading

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Chili Quakers

Welcome to Mocktober- an entire month of taking your favorite recipes and making them chili. One thing that won’t be mocked is the Paleo diet.  I Yabba-Dabba-Don’t touch trends, that is, until chili starts trending.  At that point I’ll go beyond … Continue reading

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Non-vegetarian Chili Fried Potatoes

It may be the 257 consecutive days of chili, the pet chickens, or the nightly “Clockwork Orange Style” screenings of Charlotte’s Web to which she is subjected, but the Pirate has broken down and announced her migration to vegetarianism. During … Continue reading

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Biscuits and Red Chili Gravy

Unrepentantly unremorseful, I like my gravy thick enough to cut with a knife and laden with sufficient meat to make a T. rex blush. As chili is the cuisine du annee, today’s biscuit and gravy recipe trends less pale, soupy … Continue reading

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Dog Chili Dip

Day 67 (of 365) Never having achieved the opulence of its blood-blooded (and dare I say creepy) cousin- liver pate, hot dogs have been relegated to a spot near the bottom of the gastronomic food-chain. On a related note (just … Continue reading

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Chili Chicken Noodle Soup

Day 63 In a departure from traditional chili, I present a chili version of chicken noodle soup. It was time. No, I haven’t sacked the backyard hens. Despite their freeloading ways (3 of them anyway), I could never bring myself … Continue reading

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