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Lovely Summer Chili Stew

Becoming adept at managing leftovers is an effective (and fun) way to cut your grocery bill. Saturday’s grilling event featured some sassy mackerel.  With an eye toward evading a mealtime disaster, I threw on a pack of brats as a … Continue reading

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Chili Cheese Hamburger Nachos

Yesterday’s chili defeat at the hands of the pre-formed hamburger patties could not have come at a less opportune time, as the Independence Day guest ITP were (rightly) expected a bona fide magnum frickin’ chili opus.  All was for not, … Continue reading

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Chili Meatball and Corn Micro Subs

An efficient kitchen is a happy kitchen. Leveraging leftovers to sate the hungry Involuntary Taste Panel is luxuriously economical. Owing to the fact that no raccoons, ticks, or yetis were astute enough to defeat our unsophisticated “food safe”, we find … Continue reading

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Chili Chicken and Asparagus Lo Mein

Here is a simple recipe that intermingles a handful of common ingredients to forge a flavorful meal acropolis. This Lo Mein combines a Gordian knot of al dente pasta, sweet succulent asparagus, and the confident seduction of chili-seasoned chicken. Envelope … Continue reading

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Chocolate Chipotle Chili Meatball Quesadillas

Could you win a scrabble game with the name of this recipe? Yes. Could you win the Boston Marathon with it? Nope. Congratulations to Rita Jeptoo, Meb Keflizighi, and all who competed in Boston today. With an embarrassment of leftover … Continue reading

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Makeover Chili Taco Pizza

A show of hands- Who likes playing dress up? Regrettably, this post will offer no insight on my longing to see Mrs. Chili365 tastefully adorned as Cat Woman. Rather, it will offer an idea for gussying up leftover cheese pizza. … Continue reading

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