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Chili Pudding Dessert Extraordinaire

It is the nights on which Mrs. Chili365 works late that the “Father of the Year” judges are watching me most closely.  I half expected them to show up at the door and hand me the award as I served … Continue reading

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Chili Meatball and Corn Micro Subs

An efficient kitchen is a happy kitchen. Leveraging leftovers to sate the hungry Involuntary Taste Panel is luxuriously economical. Owing to the fact that no raccoons, ticks, or yetis were astute enough to defeat our unsophisticated “food safe”, we find … Continue reading

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Sinful Chili Dog Salad

Pre and Chili Jr. have done well in avoiding petitioning my advice on how to impress the ladies, as they well know any of my recommendations would need to be taken with an ocean of salt. I can, however, share … Continue reading

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Meatball Jalapeno Chili Kabobs

Queue the rainbows and unicorns- we’re having kabobs tonight. Giving children license to lance food with pointed sticks is, without exception, a brilliant idea. The 126th consecutive day of chili. Ingredients: For the chili: 1 lb precooked meatballs, frozen 1 … Continue reading

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