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Splendid Fish and Veggie Chili

The hard apple cider I had fermented in the closet of my 400 square foot apartment turned out to be a wicked elixir. The ethanol percentage clocked in at over 10%.  Couple the high alcohol content with the ‘personality enhancing’ … Continue reading

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Grilled Skinny Chops with Chili Jalapeno Lime

Last night’s beer brewing session went like a bad first date- there was a bunch of sticky fumbling and a couple of first degree burns. The indescribable carnage has me thinking that the stove and I could use some time … Continue reading

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Chili Egg Fu Yung

Disappointment is a mistress who whispers nice things to you then barfs in your bed.  After spending the morning getting cranked up to make a newly-hatched “killer” chili recipe, I was totally bummed to learn that our cupboard is devoid of … Continue reading

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What’s Shakin’ Grilled Chili Catfish

In the joyous throes of a long holiday weekend, grilling out is compulsory. Allegiance to the mesmerizing shimmer of the glimmering coals is mandatory. Chili in any form is rhapsody, while grilled chili is ecstasy. The sheer rapture of charbroiled … Continue reading

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Thai Chicken and Asparagus Chili with Coconut Milk and Peanut Butter

Day 88 Tonight quickly became busy. The minutia is not particular important. The germane includes: drinking beer, brewing beer, and making chili. After enjoying a few homebrewed Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPAs, I decided I needed to homebrew another beer … Continue reading

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Chili Fried Elk

Day 84 Something about pan frying induces acute beer cravings. The homebrewed double barrel IPA makes for a steady, comforting companion as I ply my (limited) culinary talents in making our 85th consecutive chili. The concept for this recipe was … Continue reading

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January 17th- Cubano Chili (pork)

Q:  How are pot luck lunches with coworkers and dating the same? A:  In both occasions of societally prescribed drudgery, it is vital that one under promise and over deliver. The first part of this equation is simple enough, mumble … Continue reading

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