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Holly Jolly Green Pork Chili

The dream is reoccurring.  Anthony Hopkins is standing over me “It puts the cushion roast in the slow cooker. It does so when it is told.”  Why Hopkins and not Ted Levin?  I have no clue. It makes the damn … Continue reading

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Restaurant Style Post-Race Elk Chili

Yesterday’s physically taxing marathon (there was a mile of elevation gain and a mile of loss) has me a bit sore of leg but truly happy of heart.  A great deal of credit for this euphoria goes to my fellow … Continue reading

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Cosmonaut Orange Chili Pork Sandwiches

I had fully expected to prepare today’s chili over a roaring fire, but life turned for the interesting as I unearthed the archeological find of the decade. The world’s largest crockpot had been tucked away for some time in a … Continue reading

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Chili Cheese Hamburger Nachos

Yesterday’s chili defeat at the hands of the pre-formed hamburger patties could not have come at a less opportune time, as the Independence Day guest ITP were (rightly) expected a bona fide magnum frickin’ chili opus.  All was for not, … Continue reading

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Picnic Style Chili Sandwich

The attentive reader will note the paucity of beans in this chili recipe. The omission is by no accident of forgetfulness. Mrs. Chili365 has taken to eating beans as a matter of national defense. If you are thinking that this … Continue reading

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Chili Refrigerator Pickles

I’ve been loving the lentil chili dishes, but ingestion of legumes does come with a cost: lentil chili stew spicy yummy good for you but my tummy hurts I’m inadvertently holding off on cooking up chili con carne. Weird. Sometimes … Continue reading

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