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Non-vegetarian Chili Fried Potatoes

It may be the 257 consecutive days of chili, the pet chickens, or the nightly “Clockwork Orange Style” screenings of Charlotte’s Web to which she is subjected, but the Pirate has broken down and announced her migration to vegetarianism. During … Continue reading

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Homemade Beanie Wienie Chili Pizza

Why homemade beanie wienie chili pizza?  Be honest, would you really want it any other way?  A coincidental cousin to last night’s chili barbequed wiener coins, it is the direct result of a failure to visit the grocer’s.  Food-wise, there … Continue reading

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Why Not Crock Pot Hamburger Chili

Employment is an occupational hazard.  Work remorselessly curtails my free time.  Today afforded a welcome (and unusual) break from the grind.  Never one to use free time effectively or wisely, I decided to pile the ITP into the car and … Continue reading

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Linguini with Chili Clam Sauce

I left the grocer brandishing two cans of clams. There was a palpable swagger to my demeanor. While my emotion couldn’t be accurately characterized as conceit, I was feeling pretty damn good about my purchase. Nothing is more tactilely exciting … Continue reading

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Screaming Yellow Sweet Sour Chicken Chili

Imbued with dandelion hue, splashed with sweet, soaked with sour, this dish is chili to the bone. Far from content with keeping up with the Joneses, this recipe curtseys, compliments the Joneses on their impeccable taste, and wonders off quietly. … Continue reading

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Bodacious Beef, Beans, and Black Olive Chili

Day 94 Today, a complaint. While this airing of grievance wasn’t Luther’s voluminous Ninety-Five Theses, I fear this single cavil may be the harbinger of impending sour times. The protest centered around photographs on the digital camera. Hundreds of images … Continue reading

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Chili Fried Elk

Day 84 Something about pan frying induces acute beer cravings. The homebrewed double barrel IPA makes for a steady, comforting companion as I ply my (limited) culinary talents in making our 85th consecutive chili. The concept for this recipe was … Continue reading

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