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Cocktail Shrimp and Chili Wontons

There have been some sizable disasters.  Not to the extent of the Titanic, as our home is too diminutive to accommodate calamity on such an epic scale.  Nonetheless, colossal cookery cataclysms have plagued our kitchen.  I’ve never quite found my … Continue reading

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Creamy Dreamy Chili Chicken Salad

The sun shone golden, rolling waves broke over the bow of the kayak.  If one can measure success by the number of snakes, frogs, fish temporarily captured, than we have reached JP Morgan status.  Failing the utilization of the aforementioned … Continue reading

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Fiddler Crab Shack Chili Snack

The perfect end to a madcap week of whirlwind travel and mayhem is snack food for dinner.  While I fully recognize that any possible nomination for “parent of the year” has gone up in smoke with this admission, hear me … Continue reading

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