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Why Not Chili Tater Tot Casserole

With knowledge there is opportunity and as one acquires mastery of synonyms and symbols, doors fly wide open.  I have a tenuous grasp of simple mathematics and patterns.  If two negatives make a positive, then four negatives make for categorical … Continue reading

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Sassy Sausage and Rice Chili

Mrs. Chili365 cordoned off the center of the kitchen. The lines of demarcation were drawn, not with blood, but with the understanding that spillage of blood or bile or synovial fluid was a very real possibility.  The children were given … Continue reading

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Wild Rice, Pork, and Mushroom Chili

Tired of politicians who merely stick to the talking points when they’d actually solve far more problems by speaking to the sticking points? I have the solution for you.  Vote for chili.  Though firmly ensconced the “spicy” caucus, chili eschews … Continue reading

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Steak and Mac and Cheese Chili

Nature is remarkable in its machinations.  The ceaseless churning and winnowing are in best in evidence as summer bows to autumn’s arrival.  From the weekend camping trip, I took away an even deeper appreciation for quite spaces and forgotten places.  … Continue reading

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Sinful Chili Dog Salad

Pre and Chili Jr. have done well in avoiding petitioning my advice on how to impress the ladies, as they well know any of my recommendations would need to be taken with an ocean of salt. I can, however, share … Continue reading

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Kraft Dinner, Dressed with Bacon Chili

Kraft Dinner, Dressed with Bacon Chili Day 62 Macaroni and cheese, or Kraft Dinner in the parlance of our Northern neighbors, is bright yellow comfort food. As a child KD, frankly, alarmed me. I found the yellow, curvy pasta too … Continue reading

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Spicy Ricey Chili with Andouille

Day 56 Time to take spicy up a notch. More blistering cold weather is upon us like a sharp kick to the groin. We need a chili to punch us in the face. Its curriculum vitae should read: Soupy, such … Continue reading

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