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Grandma’s Kwanzaa Coffee Chili

Time needs no assistance.  Aiding time’s progress is futile.  Abetting its coarse passage is criminal.  While time does not define a person, it sets a parameter and frames the canvass on which each of us will work.  My brush stroke … Continue reading

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Sultry Mocha Chocolate Chili Sauce

The air hung damp as desire dripped like sweat off the brow.  My advances met with discomforting silence.  Off balance and self-consciously unrelenting, I remained persistent as this was a significant anniversary. I began again, this time calmly and at … Continue reading

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Crispy Chicken and Jalapeno Chili

Anyone who has fried a pound of bacon has lamented the colossal waste generated by the process.  While 4 ounces of tantalizingly crispy bacon is a salty, greasy glory to behold, I’d rather have the full pound.  That’s why I’m … Continue reading

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Arousing Roast Beef and Coffee Chili

I’m growing wary of constant conflict. The tumult centers on the Tablespoon measure and its invariantly full dance card. With coffee AND chili both competing for the affections of our Tablespoon, the turmoil threatens my already-crumbling sanity. Can’t we all … Continue reading

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