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Big Bourbon Bacon Chili

In spite of my better intentions and in direct opposition of my best interest, I sometimes hire people.  While wading through the vast slew of resumes, seeing experience is nice, noting education helpful, but nothing quite grabs the attention like … Continue reading

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Caffeine and Booze Halloween Chili

A gnawing hunger stifled my nuptial enthusiasm as I stumbled in the bright lights of the 11:30pm convenience shore. Looking up from his Kerrang magazine, disinterested but at the same time self-consciously engrossed, the clerk, noting the tuxedo and miscellaneous … Continue reading

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Bourbon Bacon Chili Marinade with Pork and Mushroom Kabobs

Bourbon, Bacon, and Chili- the hour of umamic* bliss is close at hand. Fire up the grill and let your mind flow. Young Grasshopper- sense, feel, BE the possibilities. Ingredients: Marinade: ¼ C bourbon ¼ C brown sugar ¼ C … Continue reading

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January 27th- Venison Bourbon Chili

Chili is a dish that is versatile, modular, and can include a vast number of ingredients (at times simultaneously.) I had some initial misgivings about simply tossing a large number of disparate ingredients into a crock pot and hoping a … Continue reading

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