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Chili Cheese Pork Balls

I am guilty, with annoying regularity, of not seeing the forest for the trees.  I, however, refuse to see the forest for $50 a cord pulp wood. * After becoming lost during a 5K race, (how does that even happen?) … Continue reading

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Chili Bloody Marys From Scratch

At Frank’s Bar, Old Roy poured strong drinks.  More to the point, the strength of Roy’s ‘mixers’ breeched the precipice of the ridiculous and poked an intemperate finger into the eye of the obscene.  The Bacardi and Cokes that Pa … Continue reading

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Gameday Tailgater Chili with Cheese Balls

The classic cold weather meal gets a game day makeover in this tailgater-friendly rendering of the quintessential chili. Soupy and sustaining meat with beer, beans, and peppers will have you warmed right to the bone.  Oh yeah, and there are … Continue reading

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Chili Beef Burgundy

I am incapable of a great many things. Mrs. Chili365 actually curates the list, which is so encyclopedic in volume that it rivals Tolstoy’s War and Peace.  As luck would have it, this disaffectionate inventory is ever-growing.  Today’s addition- alcoholism.   … Continue reading

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Posh Pork Chop and Wine Chili

The “chili every day for a year experiment” walks the fine line between charmingly idiosyncratic and alarmingly idiotic. Today, as I contemplated dubbing this dish “swine and wine chili” I clearly blurred that line. I’ll need to exercise greater caution, … Continue reading

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January 12th- Bloody Mary Chili (ground beef)

Super meals, like super heroes, ride well with a sidekick.  A cocktail plays Robin to chili’s Batman.  Strictly speaking, a cocktail has far more utility than does Robin.  Just don’t tell Burt Ward. When you’re circling the city fighting crime … Continue reading

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