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A Clockwork Orange Chicken Chili

I could feel my heart slamming against my ribs. My throat tightened making each breath exceedingly more labored. They were coming for me. They Know.   363 days into the chili experiment and my pet chickens finally learned how to … Continue reading

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Salmon Zucchini Chili

Indeed there is a fine line between deftly saving the flavor and developing a flavor to savor.  A soup structurally fashioned with graceful salmon and fresh zucchini then trimmed out with chili zest is the (tall) order of the day … Continue reading

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Chili Topped Omelets

Day 54 After a morning of running around frozen lakes in an attempt to gain at least a tenuous grip on self-actualization (in the face of another yet Canadian gold in Olympic hockey), I was looking for a hearty, yet … Continue reading

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Groundhog chili bites-February 1st

Winter in these parts has already been quite long. I fully recognize that patience is one of the seven virtues. I suffered from chronic narcolepsy during my days at a (hereunto unnamed) prestigious finishing school, so I forget most of … Continue reading

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