Way Better Chili Ramen

One of the doctors I worked with would drink beer with me as we stood amongst the radioactive waste . The other doctor disapproved of my daily ritual of eating ramen from a junky plastic bowl.  He’d ominously inform me that I was what I was eating.


Surly it was contrasting approaches life that governed the actions of these two very learned men.  Alas, that was years ago.  Fortunately I can happily to report that I have not become a dioxin infused curvy noodle nor I have grown into an ale-swilling Spiderman.


On the subject of metamorphoses, last Friday I imbibed too much Pure Cap hot sauce.  It felt like I had swallowed a drawer full of flaming steak knives.  In a contrasting and profoundly questionable move, this Friday I am applying the hot sauce (diluted in baby cream) to a persistently troublesome hamstring.  This fact has become crystal clear- the problems wrought by 353 straight days of chili are colliding headlong into the difficulties cultivated by 471 consecutive days of running.   There must be a lesson in this somewhere.  Maybe I’ve become the antithetical role model.


Distractions in check, we come full circle and back to ramen.  Tricking out Plebian fare to make it something exciting and palatable kicks some serious ass.  Try it.




½ lb ground beef

1 can (15 oz) red beans (drained)

1 T chili powder

1 t sriracha sauce

1 can (14.5 oz) chili style diced tomatoes

1 C water

1 package of chili flavored ramen noodles




  1. In a pot, fry ground beef and drain fat.
  2. Add beans, chili powder, sriracha, diced tomatoes, and water.
  3. Allow to simmer for 5 minutes.
  4. Add ramen noodles and ramen chili seasoning packet.
  5. Simmer for 5 minutes longer.
Way Better Chili Ramen

Way Better Chili Ramen

Tasting Notes:


Undoubtedly this dish pays a dear homage to Midwestern-ized chili.  Noodles, beans, and meat form a trifecta that is straight up in your vector.  The chili is undeniable delicious and very reminiscent of some of the better fare served at a deer hunting camp or during a cold weather ultra-marathon.  Any way you spoon it, this spicy soup is a big winner as a tasty dinner.




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