Kicking Sriracha Chili Chicken Sandwiches

You can take life as it comes or you can kick life in the groin. Repeatedly. Until it begs for mercy.



I was totally bummed when I went to the refrigerator to pull out my lunch chili only to find it moldy and gross. What a cruel hand to be dealt, especially on a Friday. Instead of lying down, I took matters into my own hands, er, feet.  I ran to the C-store to grab hamburgers.  You see, there is no need to idly take what life is dishing out (or not dishing out, which in this case was delicious leftover chili.)  There is a time to kick some ass…and eat some hamburgers.


The hamburgers hit the spot and prompted me to dream up a tasty way to chili-up the chicken I had slow cooking at home.





4 chicken leg quarters

Salt and pepper to taste

2 T sriracha sauce

½ C ketchup

½ C tomato sauce

1 T chili powder


Kaiser Rolls





  1. In a slow cooker, cook salted and peppered chicken leg quarters on low for 10 hours.
  2. Remove chicken from slow cooker and set aside until cool enough to handle
  3. Skin and bone chicken, then diced the meat.
  4. Place meat and 2 T of fat from the slow cooker in a pot.
  5. Add sriracha, ketchup, tomato sauce, and chili powder.
  6. Mix and heat until warm.
  7. Serve on Kaiser rolls


Kicking Sriracha Chili Chicken Sandwiches

Kicking Sriracha Chili Chicken Sandwiches

Tasting Notes:


The kicking sriracha chili chicken sandwiches served an importance notice- Life is as good as the sandwich in your hand.  As for today, all was quite well until I became a show-off and slathered my sandwich in Pure Cap hot sauce.  Looks like for tonight (and no doubt tomorrow) I’ll be the one begging for mercy.






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2 Responses to Kicking Sriracha Chili Chicken Sandwiches

  1. Nothing like a full tummy to put you back in control & get that creativity fired up again!

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