Chili Cheese Pork Balls

I am guilty, with annoying regularity, of not seeing the forest for the trees.  I, however, refuse to see the forest for $50 a cord pulp wood. * After becoming lost during a 5K race, (how does that even happen?) instead of getting totally pissed for missing my PR, I enjoyed the great weather and the company of terrific friends.   Even better, the evening holds a fantastic booze-themed party with amazing people and (lo and behold) chili balls.

DAY 340



3 lb ground pork

3 bricks (8 oz) cream cheese, softened and cubed

3 C jiffy baking mix

3 cans (4oz each) diced green chilies

3 T chili powder




  1. On a large board lined with parchment paper, mix ingredients well.**
  2. Form into meatball sized balls.
  3. Fry in small batches until meat is fully cooked through.


** If Ma Chili365 is visiting you, recruit her help with any and all of these tasks.  She is incredibly helpful and talented in all facets of meatball creation and proliferation.


Chili Cheese Pork Balls

Chili Cheese Pork Balls


Tasting Notes:

The meat balls were deliciously cheesy and mildly chili.  Thanks to Ma Chili365’s frying know-how, we were able to get the job done and many-a-party-goer was sated by these little pork balls of chili love. Mild as they were, each tiny ball of goodness was packed with pork and cheese flavor.  A teaspoon or two of red of red pepper flakes would ratcheted up the chili wonderment a healthy spell.  As for phenomenal alcohol themed parties,  it is clearly fantastic when a team of mildly alcohol-compromised individuals can team up and use fruit, spices and (most importantly) FIRE to create devilishly delicious intoxicants.  Go team booze!

*Note on not selling out- Winning a 40oz PBR as a prize for taking my age group at the race doesn’t exactly mean I see the forest for its exploitive profitability.  It merely indicates that I am a sly opportunist.  A sly BEER opportunist.







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