Warm Chili Chicken Slaw

Following a day of overindulging in turkey and mashed potatoes, a salad sounded terrific.  As winter appears to be here to stay, a warm salad sounded even better. No boring wilted lettuce here.  This salad is a veritable feast of moist chicken, crisp vegetables, and sweet/sour chili.  Today there was no occasion for shopping as there was only time for chopping.




2 T olive oil

1 lb boneless skinless chicken breast, cubed

¾ C thinly sliced white onion

1/3 C diced Anaheim pepper

1 T chili powder

½ t cumin

½ t garlic pepper seasoning

½ t coriander

1 T sugar

1 T cider vinegar

1 T lime juice

1 (14oz) bag shredded cabbage and carrots

1 C chopped fresh cilantro



  1. In hot oil, brown chicken on both sides.
  2. Add onion and pepper and fry until chicken is cooked through.
  3. Add chili powder, cumin, garlic pepper, and coriander and fry another 4 minutes.
  4. Add sugar, lime juice, and cider vinegar and cabbage/carrot mix.
  5. Heat and stir until cabbage is slightly wilted.
  6. Remove from heat, stir in cilantro, and serve.



Warm Chili Chicken Slaw

Warm Chili Chicken Slaw

Tasting Notes:


The ITP loved this chili.  Most revered was the citrusy/spicy two-for presented by the sauce.  The tangy zip paired up nicely with the tender chicken and moderately crisp cabbage.  I had fully intended to make a turkey chili today but, fortunately, no leftover bird was in the offing.   The warm chili chicken slaw really hit the spot, especially when paired with warm buttered bread.  This one is a must try.



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