Vulgar Bulgur Stuffing with Chili and Anchovies

Litmus test for a good idea- does it run over your tongue and pass your teeth without sounding stupid?  I did not speak my idea of combining bulgur and anchovies for a turkey stuffing.  History remembers the innovators and overlooks the imitators.  Recall who was present at the second Thanksgiving? Me neither.  It is time to break some new ground.



½ C water

¼ C beer

2 T diced fresh jalapenos (no seeds)

1 T chili powder

1 can (2 oz) anchovies, drained and diced

1 T dried onion flakes

¼ C diced carrots

1/3 C bulgur




  1. Boil ingredients (except the bulgur) for 5 minutes.
  2. Remove pan from heat and add bulgur, stirring well.
  3. Allow to sit, covered, for 15 minutes.
  4. Serve with turkey, against your wife’s best judgment.


Vulgar Bulgur and Anchovy Chili Stuffing

Vulgar Bulgur and Anchovy Chili Stuffing


Tasting Notes:


Mrs. Chili365’s first reaction was “Something smells.  Something smells bad.” She then proceeded to scream at me. (It did smell pretty bad).  I was shrilly reminded that I had been instructed not purchase anchovies.  Further, I was menacingly informed that I was not to serve this chili to the in-laws and that my chili stuffing was some sort of form of hideous voodoo that may end all human existence.  Mrs. Chili365’s incredible display of stuffing-hating bravado first had my doubled over with laughter and then, as the high-decibel diatribe continued, had me rolling on the floor.   Hehehe, provoking reactions is always a source of mirth.

I’d have to admit that the stuffing looked and smelled like fish food.  Weird.  Fish food is not necessarily what first comes to mind when I think Thanksgiving food.  It tasted better than it smelled but was really not one of my better efforts.  This innovation merits no imitation.

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3 Responses to Vulgar Bulgur Stuffing with Chili and Anchovies

  1. It was with great anticipation that I visited to see what chili wonderment you had concocted for Thanksgiving – and found myself laughing as the story unfolded. You and your family have my deepest sympathy. And my best advice: Always have a back up plan. And never put anchovies in your stuffing.

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