Green Chili Dogs

History never recorded the identity of the person who first conspired to top meat with more meat.  By all rights he (or she) should be a Nobel Laureate.  At the very least, she (or he) should be sitting on a huge pile of money on an exotic island.  All this and so much more ought to befall this mother (or father) of carnivorous invention.  To the point, the world would be a dark place without meat on meat meals.  No chicken Cordon Bleu?  That’d be bad.    No bacon double cheeseburgers? Houston, we have a problem.  No Turducken?  Ok, we’d be just fine without that creepoid creation.   I’ve always viewed that poultry bastardization as fowlplay. Sheesh..


Today’s the dual meat meal is another incarnation of the classic chili dog.   Everyone is going green and I have taken notice.  Jalapeno salsa, green chilis, and Anaheim chilies kick up a veritable verde volcano (of flavor).



Chili part:

10 oz pork tenderloin, diced

1 (7 oz) can El Pato brand jalapeno salsa

1 (4 oz) can diced green chilies

1 C diced fresh Anaheim Chili (seeds removed)

1 T chili powder

1 t paprika

1 t onion powder

Hot Dog part:

6 hot dogs

Hot dog buns




  1. Place the chili ingredients in a slow cooker and cook on low 6.5 hours.
  2. Steam hot dogs in a covered pan in ½ inch of water until the frankfurters have cooked through.
  3. Serve on a bun- hot dog topped with chili.



Green Chili Dogs

Green Chili Dogs


Tasting notes:


Oh my, this was terrific.  The zesty green triple play had my taste buds jumping for joy.  The tender pork snuggled lovingly against the crisp (elk) hot dogs.  The effect was amazing.  The chili was clearly piquant, as evidenced by the comments of “whoa, this is spicy” and the rapid chugging to milk.  The ITP may have been slightly taken aback by the green chili dog attack.  Not me, I thought this meal had just the knack.


38 days left!  If you have something you’d like to see recreated in chili, let me know before time runs out.


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3 Responses to Green Chili Dogs

  1. That looks interesting, isn’t there a song, meat on meat on meat? So I wondered if you have ever made one of those cheesy green chili (you know I’m a fan of green chili) casserolely egg bakey things? Green chili and cheese are folded into an egg mixture and baked off. Some call it chile rellanos casserole…

    It might be the perfect thing to assuage Mrs. Chili’s chili anxiety…

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