Drunken Elk Chili

Day 322 and tensions are on the rise.  Mrs. Chili365 “was going to cook something” until she realized that “we only have chili ingredients in the house”. I was actually feeling remorseful, until I remembered that the Missus’ new gig. Between her hand modeling job and Leonid Brezhnev’s eyebrows, I’ve never been so jealous.


Hand modelling and thick, luscious eyebrows  are two great things that go great together, like chocolate and peanut butter in Reese’s peanut butter cups.   Another collaboration made in heaven– training for a 50K and prepping for a handful of 5Ks.  One just has to run (much distance) everyday, which is no fun when it is colder than hell.  Perhaps the savory twosome of beer and elk will take some of the sting out of this winter running thing.  (Read my philosophical take near the bottom of the page).

GET LOST (in this lush follicular forest).

GET LOST (in this lush follicular forest).




1 C beer

1 T chili powder

2 cloves garlic, minced


1 lb elk meat, cubed (use beef if your generous cousin doesn’t give you delicious elk)


1st wave:

1 C spaghetti sauce

1 can (14.5 oz) Mexican style diced tomatoes

3 T chili powder

1 t cumin

½ t coriander

1 t chile para naranja

1 T dried diced onion

1 fresh jalapeno, diced

3 cloves garlic, smashed


2nd wave:

1 C pinto beans

1 C (heaping) cooked and chopped spaghetti noodles

1 t hot sauce




  1. Marinade elk in the marinade. (Love the ‘book-end’ sentence-LOVE IT). Uh, marinade for 15 hours.
  2. Add marinade and meat to a slow cooker along with the ‘first wave’ ingredients.
  3. Mix well and cook on low for 8 hours.
  4. Add ‘second wave ingredients and cook on high for 30 minutes.
  5. Eat.


Drunken Elk Chili

Drunken Elk Chili

Tasting Notes:


Chili Jr.- “ This is really good. It isn’t your best chili. How could it be? You’ve made so many excellent chilis.”

(You can see who just made a good case for a car on his 16th birthday.)


Pre, The Pirate, Mrs. Chili365- (radio silence)


Chili365- This is pretty good. A standard chili with a moderate heat and sneaky beer flavor. The elk was tender and delicious. Beans and noodles added starch and balanced a somewhat thin broth.


We are going to make it- 365 days of chili.   While some suffer, some suffer unjustly and still others can’t justify their suffering. (I fall in the last category).

On an unrelated note-  if you like voting for chili, vote for my chili chicken poutine (here) (poll is on the right side of the page).   I’ll send you warm thoughts and a personalized chili recipe.


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9 Responses to Drunken Elk Chili

  1. You crack me up! I voted for you, so keep us posted with the results!

  2. You have just permanently, in my mind, associated peanut butter cups with eyebrow hair! I may never eat one again!

    Much congrats on your Chicken Chili Poutine! I thought, for awhile, I might rally, but like many great Chili’s you finished a hot heat towards the end! And I did say I might regret the “trash talking” but secretly, I don’t! It’s been great fun, pins and needles aside! 🙂

    • spasture says:

      Oh my goodness. Gross. I am no longer salivating over the kids’ leftover Halloween candy. There goes any potential advertising gig for me at Reese’s.

      Thank you for making my acquaintance. It is with unqualified conviction that I state that your website has far, far greater utility than my own.

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