Chili Pork and Slaw

The waning light of day has served notice and now it is time to move the picnic inside. Stacked beside a warm dinner roll and a glass of cool lemonade, the chili-sweet pork loin and crispy slaw indeed make a cute couple.


My left foot and the blister which covers a fairly significant portion of it are, by contrast, not a cute couple. At first, the occurrence of the blister had me pretty bummed.  Instead of taking time off from running (not an option, I haven’t taken a day off since back in 2013), I’ve decided to build something positive out of it- a contest.  The battle lines have been drawn.  I refuse to switch shoes or running pattern or use band aids.  They’ll be not stasis, someone will give and it isn’t going to be me.


As I reflect on this running season, it is a far more sane brand of will and determination which has led Chili Jr, Pre, and The Pirate (collectively, my kids) to their best running performances to date. If you see them out and about 1) offer them pity for their being party to 365 days of chili and 2) congratulate them on a fantastic season.





1 lb pork tenderloin, cut into strips

1 C canned, diced tomatoes

½ C El Pato brand jalapeno salsa

1 T chili powder

1 t onion powder

1 T dried, diced onion

1 t cumin

2 T brown sugar


– Mix ingredients in a slow cooker and cook on low for 8 hours.




1 (14 oz) bag of shredded carrots and cabbage (I am capable of shredding my own but currently have adequate lacerations on my hands)

1/3 C mayo

3 T sweet pickle relish

2 t sugar


– Mix up the sauce then stir in the vegetables.


Chili Pork and Slaw

Chili Pork and Slaw

Tasting Notes:


Each of the 4 members of the involuntary tasting panel cleaned their plate. Praise was offered to the cook, who, blushing, gladly accepted.  The pork was terrifically tender and moist.  The spice level was appropriately low for picnic fare (no blistering heat here) but there was enough zip to make the meal interesting and hip.



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3 Responses to Chili Pork and Slaw

  1. Sounds delish and it’s the perfect time of year for pork loin!

    I would think a hunter/runner like yourself would be familiar with mole-skin, but just in case: – If it is put on at the first sign of friction, it will prevent a blister, and afterwards will prevent damage. Plus it doesn’t come off and hang on your foot and get stuck like silly band-ads. The downside, it decreases the slow build up of stoicism in your system! You may need to supplement with additional injuries, elsewhere! 🙂

    Although you can hunt your own mole like they did in the old days, or purchase from the shoot your own mole ranches, now it’s synthetic and can be purchased for about $2.95 at the drug store.

    • spasture says:

      Ah, thank you for the heads up. I have an irrational phobia of doctors and pharmacists and thus will have to skip out on actually entering the druggist’s to buy moleskin. Looks like moleskin is good stuff. I may have to look for it online. One thing- does it soothe chili burns?
      In the interests of accuracy, I am only peripherally associated with hunting, in that I eat what others have hunted. The lone prey I have actually hunted is Hamm’s.

  2. 🙂 After I commented here, I paged back to read the posts I missed over the last few days (had to get my vicarious chili fix) and realized the error of my ways! Lucky you – free meat and hamms!

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