Chili Corn Gravy

There is a zone that exists between aggressively taking responsibility for dragging each new day into place and passively cowering to fend off the blows as life angrily comes at you. There must be some smooth sailing around the jagged edges and a nobility in actively relaxing.  Sadly, serenity is a recluse as we approach the thin edge of burnout.  For the past 36 hours, I’ve subsisted solely on hamburgers and beer.  The body knows best.  The body wants vegetables.  The body aches for chili gravy.


Day 292




1 T butter

2 C fresh corn

2 T diced fresh jalapeno

2 T diced red onion

1 T chili powder

1 package (0.87 oz) dry chicken gravy mix

1 C water




  1. Fry corn, jalapeno, onion, and chili powder in butter for 10 minutes.
  2. Add gravy powder and water and bring to a boil while whisking.
  3. Turn heat down and simmer for 3 minutes.
Chili Corn Gravy

Chili Corn Gravy


Tasting Notes:


Gravy smooths out the rough edges while chili strikes up a band in a palate pleasing polarity punctuated with piquant placidity.

The gravy chili was nice side and would go well with biscuits or tortillas.

Take life one bowl at a time.





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3 Responses to Chili Corn Gravy

  1. I, umm, hmmm, weeeell, might hafta to ah, take your word at this on this one? *ahem* But, the post, itself, too funny!

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