Chili Hillbilly Mignon

Do not be deceived- it is pronounced MIG-non.  Ten bucks a pound for a good cut of beef is extortionate.  Should you lack the scratch for such lavish opulence, wrap your sausage in bacon. Tuck in some jalapenos and chili powder and you’re proletariat with a southern exposure.


Any excuse is an acceptable pretense for lancing meat with small sticks and blazing the charcoal. Today’s justification comes wrapped in a package of congratulations.  Chili Jr. and Pre braved snow, rain, and wind to totally kick out the adrenaline at this morning’s trail race.  Prouder I could not be.


Ingredients:  (I’m scribing this recipe on a per serving basis)

1 precooked cheddar-infused sausage (best to use precooked, considering that you’ll be wrapping it in raw bacon)

1 strip of delicious bacon (tell it to me straight- is there any other kind?)

½ t chili powder

½ jalapeno, seeded and chopped




  1. Spread the chili powder onto a strip of raw bacon, pounding it in, such that it sticks.
  2. Wrap a sausage in chili-infused bacon while tucking the sliced fresh jalapenos between bacon and sausage.
  3. Shove toothpicks into the bacon such that they hold the bacon and jalapenos in place. (Wrapped around your sausage in a lover’s embrace).
  4. Grill baby, grill. (Got your ears on Sarah?)
Chili Hillbilly Mignon

Chili Hillbilly Mignon

If Freud administered Rorschach tests.........

If Freud administered Rorschach tests………


Tasting Notes:


Truly a son of the soil, I grilled the chili hillbilly mignon with corn on the cob.  This ad lib experiment in erector-set chili construction paid off in spades.  All ate, all enjoyed, all smiled.  It was good and it was good team building.







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