“Tower of Mystery” Chili

Work is difficult enough.  The rule infractions make it worse.

Chili365:  “Josh, what’s going on with the shoes?”

Josh:  “Huh?” (Josh is looking at me like he has been in a coma since September 1st.)

Chili365:  “It’s September 29th.  You can’t wear white shoes after Labor Day.”

Josh: “Oh, uh.  Sorry.”

Chili365:  “Listen to me Josh.  The rules are in place for our protection.  As soon as we begin dismissing these laws pell-mell we jeopardize our very safety.  You are going to need to be more heedful in your wardrobe choices.  Oh and hey- Let’s be careful out there.”

Josh:  (inaudible) (Josh is shuffling away carefully and quietly.)


Today’s chili finds me eschewing all common sense (and fashion sense) by using mystery meat that materialized in our freezer.  Seriously, I don’t know how it got there but it must have been a rough trip, as there are some deeply etched scars frolicking amongst the freezer burned flesh.  While I don’t believe the next Unabomber is breaking into homes and placing tainted patties beside the popsicles, I may wish to be more careful.  These pre-formed patties of unknown province could potentially poison people.




4 (1/4) meat patties.

2.5 oz pepper jack cheese, sliced

3 T prepared guajillo peppers, diced

1 T chili powder

1 t garlic salt.




  1. Carefully remove patties from the freezer to thaw. If you are unsure of how the patties had come to be in your freezer, wear a hazmat suit if one is handy.
  2. In a bowl, mix chili powder and garlic salt.
  3. Place one patty in a slow cooker. Top it with chili/garlic mix then sliced guajillo pepper, and then cheese.
  4. Top with a patty and repeat until you’ve run out of ingredients.
  5. Note: you may end up with extra seasoning mix. That’s okay, so long as you are not wearing white shoes.
  6. Cook in a slow cooker on low for 8 hours.


Pisa called.  They want their landmark back.

Pisa called. They want their landmark back.


Tasting Notes:


After some careful deliberation, the Involuntary Taste Panel and I have concluded that the patties were comprised of salmon meat.  The lone voice of dissent was Pre who is convinced that the meat was derived from a pig-salmon hybrid.  (And, yes according to Pre such a beast CAN swim).


The chili was good.  The earthy spiciness meshed pretty well with the “salmon” patties.  The lone disappointment was the cheese.  It oozed away from the “mystery tower” during the cooking process.  It left neither residual taste nor forwarding address.


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