Medicinal Chili Nachos

 It is at the times at which you hurt the most that you should turn to an old friend.  For me, that friend is nachos.  You see, Americanized Mexican food and I have a long and storied history– that is to say that there would be no Involuntary Taste Panel (i.e. my kids) if not for the likes of Taco Bell.  Fast forward a few years to a (slightly) better diet and a persistent addiction to running.  I like to take a proactive approach to running injuries, in that I am pro remaining fully active while injured.  With the marathon taking place in just over a week, it is not yet time to taper, in fact it is time for a stress test. My knee and hammy have been quarrelsome lately and now is the best time to find out if they’ll be nettlesome cowards during the race.  The moment had arrived to fire up some brisk hill repeats.   By the end of the 5th in the series I was heartened to note that my knee and hamstring were feeling pretty good.  It was then that the problems started.   Everything in my chest and abdomen, even the minutest subcellular organelle, began to burn (HARD).  This was a perplexing development indeed.   Listen, I just eat spicy chili and write about it every day,  it’s not like I’m not an M.D., so I haven’t the foggiest idea what caused the frank malady which had ignited my innards.   With some laboring, I completed a sixth trot up hell hill.   I then paused to take stock of my faculties.  After some rapid self-diagnosis (again, I’m not legally a medical practitioner), I was alarmed to discover that my visceral organs had been entirely replaced by a churning inferno.  Yikes.  It is my hope that nachos will ease this inferno infirmity.






1 T butter

2/3 C diced green onions

½ lb sliced fresh mushrooms


1 can (10 oz) chicken, drained

1 C Ro*tel tomatoes and chilies

1 T chili powder

¼ C diced rehydrated New Mexican Chilies


2 C cubed or shredded cheese

11 oz tortilla chips (we used ChiChi’s brand)







  1. Fry green onions and mushrooms in butter until soft. Set aside.
  2. Simmer chicken, chilies, Ro*tel, and chili powder for 30 minutes.
  3. Place chips on a baking sheet and cover with cheese.
  4. Bake chips at 350F until the cheese melts.
  5. Remove cheesy chips from the oven and top with chili mix and mushroom mix.





Medicinal Chili Nachos

Medicinal Chili Nachos


Tasting Notes:


Today’s offering is the third iteration of chili nachos in the continuing series that now includes 241 chili recipes.   As any registered dietician will confirm, roughly 1 huge plate of nachos every 80 days is the key to optimum health.  My bet is that it will extinguish the smoldering blaze that is revenging my thorax and abdomen.  Short of snuffing the flames, the medicinal chili nachos remain a success by any other measure.  The flavor was so favorable that we stood around the kitchen table eating, as no one was willing to miss out on precious eating time by taking a moment to be seated.  Much of the credit for this greed-inspiring deliciousness belongs to the ChiChi’s chips which were solidly excellent.  Ro*tel’s tomatoes and chilies were outstanding as well.  If you make only one nacho recipe this year, make this one.






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