Sriracha Barbeque Chili Chicken Legs

Day 239

I was running late to a compulsory work-related party.  Grumbling as I grudgingly extricated myself from the house, Mrs. Chili365 pointed out that I was going to be “fashionably late.”   I retorted “yeah, more like ‘fashionably lame’”, as I was overwhelmingly under-enthused about the prospects of attending this dorky soirée.  Pre heard the commotion and spoke up, “Dad, no one with sideburns like you have could ever be considered lame.”  Damn, the kid has a point.  No one- not even one who, due to time constraints, became reliant on his unreliable slow cooker to prepare the chili chicken meal could be truly designated as “lame”.  The mutton chops endow a sort of dork-lomatic immunity.  Not certain how this will help with today’s chili, but could they be a talisman?




2 ½ lbs chicken leg quarters

½ C barbeque sauce (Sweet Bay Ray’s)

1 T Sriracha sauce

1 T chili powder




  1. Remove most of the skin and fat from chicken leg quarters.
  2. Mix barbeque sauce, sriracha, and chili powder.
  3. Brush sauce on chicken leg quarters.
  4. Place leg quarters in slow cooker and cook on low for 9 hours.


Sriracha Barbeque Chili Chicken Legs

Sriracha Barbeque Chili Chicken Legs

Tasting Notes:


Oddly and in spite of the obvious architecture of the chicken leg quarters, two ITP members mistook the meat for pulled pork.  While no one here is a qualified poultry anatomy instructor, we should be able to differentiate chicken from pork.  My sense is that I (again) overcooked the chicken in the slow cooker.  While the flavor of the chili seasoning was decent, it was not pronouncedly delicious.  This likely owed to the fact that the small amount of chicken skin and fat remaining at the outset of cooking contributed to “watering down” the chili flavor.  This is precisely why I had removed most of the skin and fat- to avoid any dilution of flavor.  Next time I’ll straight up broil the chicken leg quarters.  My bet is that this chili is a winner, provided that it is prepared in an oven instead of a slow cooker.


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