Practically Fantastic Chili Seasoning for Roast Corn

Late summer is corn roasting season.  Nothing beats an ear of grilled sweetcorn slathered in butter and dashed with salt.  Of course, one could “up the ante” by painstakingly developing a special chili seasoning expressly for the purpose of spicing up an old “cob of gold”. While I have an acute shortage of time with which to cook, I have an abundance of spice containers.  With no fewer than 15 empty chili powder shakers lying around “looking for work” I felt obligated to give at least one of them something to do. 



1 T chili powder

1 t each:


celery salt

onion powder

garlic pepper seasoning



1/2 t black pepper

1/8 t powdered jalapeno

Fresh corn on the cob




  1. Mix ingredients in a spice shaker (if you frequently make chili, you may have some available).
  2. Peel back the leaves on the corn cob(while keeping them attached to the cob). 
  3. Pull the silk out and discard. 
  4. Sprinkle corn with the awesome chili seasoning.
  5. Rewrap the leaves over the corn cob.
  6. Grill over a hot charcoal fire.





Practically Fantastic Chili Seasoning for Roast Corn

Practically Fantastic Chili Seasoning for Roast Corn

Tasting Notes:


Roasting corn over the coals caramelizes the corn sugar thus imparting an exquisitely sweet taste.  Not to be upstaged, the practically fantastic chili seasoning held its own, lending a piquant signature to late summer’s favorite vegetable.  The roasted corn a clear success, I ought find jobs for the remaining spice shakers.  Heck, if I play my cards right, I could be the next CCC.  






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