Grilled Smack Talking Mackerel Chili

214 consecutive days of making chili and I have learned much.  The lesson of greatest importance came today- NEVER have a staring contest with a school of dead mackerel.  They. Cheat.  I know, I never shouldn’t have been goaded into the contest of ocular endurance which pits me against the deceased and eyelid-less.   AND for all of my trouble, I’m out a sawbuck.  Damn those slippery little swindlers.   They may have outsmarted me, but things are looking up.  I have an opposable thumb and a Weber grill.  We’ll see who ends up with the upper fin, er, hand.




1 ½ pounds mackerel

1/3 C lemon juice

1 T Larry the Cable Guy Chili powder (I just can’t stop)

1 t garlic salt




  1. Mix juice and seasonings into a nice marinade.
  2. Smack the mackerel (with marinade).
  3. Store for 4 hours in a refrigerator.
  4. Grill on Weber.


Grilled Smack Talking Mackerel Chili.  Not so tough now, are they?

Grilled Smack Talking Mackerel Chili. Not so tough now, are they?

This photo was taken just before the tide turned in my favor.

This photo was taken just before the tide turned in my favor.

Tasting Notes:


The mackerel had some guts to dupe me as they had.  No, literally, they had guts.  I needed to eviscerate them myself in my front yard.  It was sort of surreal- me, a sharp knife, and an unexpectedly large volume of blood.  There goes the neighborhood.   Looks like I’ll be buying Mrs. Chili365 a new patio set to go with her new slow cooker and stock pot.


The mackerel was tasty.  The oiliness of the fish stood up well to the lemon chili seasoning, to the extent that one could barely discern any flavor apart from oily fish.  Not a bad thing, if you like oily fish.   Chili Jr, Mrs. Chili365, and I enjoyed the grilled smack talking mackerel with great zeal.  The other two were only lukewarm on our hydrophilic little con artists.  In order to drive more intense chili flavor into the fish flesh, I likely would need hot peppers and an oil-based marinade.  This is in the works, as is a fool-proof scheme to get my ten bucks back.


Thanks for the muse Dana Fashina.

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