Chili Crab and Egg Pita Sandwiches

One of the more salient features of pita sandwiches is their utensil-free operation.  In light of the Chili365 Clan’s encyclopedic knowledge of kitchen tool-related injuries, this is a GOOD thing.  Suffice to say that our list of cooking paraphernalia-induced calamities is as vast as it is varied.  Curiously, Pre seems to bear the brunt of the cookery’s wrath.  His near enucleation by spork is well chronicled here.   Pre’s almost-maiming at the “prongs” of a vicious fork, is another episode in the seemingly limitless series of flatware mishaps.  It went down like this…  At age 4, Pre was something of an amateur archeologist.  While on a routine dig in in front of our house, fate dealt him a losing hand, or, rather, fate dealt his hand a sharp fork.  Physicists still dispute exactly how much force is required to jam a fork through a thumbnail and stick it into the soft tissue underneath.   They, however, concur that it is a whole hell of a lot force.  I’m not sure what ancient “front yard” relic had him so enrapt that he mustered the Herculean digit-disfiguring strength to do the deed, but the blood shot forth with alarming force from the “excavation” in his thumb nail.  The memory of the event still haunts.


Today’s chili features spouts (surprise), eggs (thanks backyard hens), and crabs (the ocean kind).




Butter (to taste)

5 pita


1 T oil

1 can (6 ½ oz) crab, drained

1/3 C finely diced onion

1 T chili powder

1 t paprika

1 T fish sauce

5 eggs

2 C bean sprouts

1 ½ C chopped fresh cilantro




  1. Butter one side of the pita and bake at 250F for 10 minutes.
  2. Mix crab, onion, chili powder, fish sauce, and paprika in a small bowl.
  3. Fry the mixture in oil for 5 minutes.
  4. Crack eggs over frying crab mix and gently break yolk.
  5. Fry eggs until set.
  6. Add sprouts and fry 5 minutes.
  7. Add cilantro and fry 5 minutes longer.
  8. Stuff the chili into the pita and serve.





Chili Crab and Egg Pita Sandwiches.  Best photo in over 7 months. Whow-who.

Chili Crab and Egg Pita Sandwiches. Best photo in over 7 months. Whow-who.


Tasting Notes:


Finally, a meal after which OSHA is not on the phone demanding that we enforce strict “utensil training” standards for all of our young eaters.  Not a single ITP member was injured today.


The ITP was generally pretty happy about today’s chili, our “lucky” 213th consecutive chili.  Mostly, I think they enjoyed the pita bread and crab.    The texture of this chili was a trip while the flavor was steady, though not remarkable.  I could have gone for some sriracha but, as stated, no meal-time cataclysms occurred and for this I’m pretty happy.




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