Why Not Crock Pot Hamburger Chili

Employment is an occupational hazard.  Work remorselessly curtails my free time.  Today afforded a welcome (and unusual) break from the grind.  Never one to use free time effectively or wisely, I decided to pile the ITP into the car and drive hundreds of miles and through parts of three states to eat world-renowned FOOT LONG CHILI DOGS.  Rash as the lengthy and chili-inspired road trip may have been, we cheerfully whiled away the lunch hour in an ancient yet beguiling tavern.  If you are the pedantic sort, you’ll surely note that a chili dog in a faraway pub does not qualify as a chili365 original recipe.  You’d would, of course, be dead right.  After a long day on the road, chasing chili, I was giddy to come home to the why not crock pot hamburger chili I have set to cook early this morning.   One chili a day- good.  Two chili a day- better.


Bring it on!

Bring it on!


Yes, it was a giant chili dog.

Yes, it was a giant chili dog.



Day 187





3 precooked 1/3 pound beef patties

1 C cooked pinto beans

1 C spicy pickled carrots

1 ½ C tomato sauce

1 C water

2 ½ C chili powder

1 C dried onion flakes

½ T onion powder

1 t coriander



Place ingredients in a slow cooker, mix them well, and cook on low for 10 hours.


Why Not Crock Pot Hamburger Chili

Why Not Crock Pot Hamburger Chili

Tasting Notes:

Chili Dogs:


The hot dog itself was texturally sound, with a supple firmness that yielded appropriately with each bite.  The hot dog did not seem entirely fresh but owing to the microbe-quashing food-grade nitrate, I’m not too worried about contracting cholera (again).  Anyhow, the enormous frank had some resident spiciness and was overall pretty delicious.   The chili melded well with the wiener and soft white bun.  Though the consistency was considerably thinner than most chilis I’ve encountered, it was flavorful while remaining mild on the palate.  The overall effect was nice.  Consuming the chili dog on wax paper over a timeworn table in a bar long-renowned for its chili was certainly a delightful escapade.  (I could make a better chili dog.)

Crock Pot Chili:


I ate three bowls of this chili. The round and resounding chili flavor was earthy, smoky, and moderately piquant.  The beef “beefed” up the dish while the zesty pickled carrots provide a nice shot of hot.  The younger ITP members gave it a “hey! Not bad!”  Conversely, Mrs. Chili365 was not happy with this dish.  The good Missus appears to be tiring of chili fare.  The only way to bring matters around for the better is to become more adept at disguising the chili.  I’ll need to give every appearance that we’re having a regular old meal, while chiliing it up on the sly.  Yeah, that should do it.  Goodness knows we’ll need to do something to survive 178 more days of this mayhem.


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