Punchy Protein Chili

Punchy Protein Chili

Punchy Protein Chili

Breakfast chili haiku


Eggs bacon chicken

Breakfast chili great big win

But not for vegans




Positively providing a palpably potent protein packed punch

We are having this chili for breakfast, we’ll be travelling for lunch

Forward to tomorrow’s ultramarathon, I say

Fortified with olives I could run all day

Er…and afterward if I’m feeling alright

The beer will flow by the pint tomorrow night




½ C chopped Canadian bacon

1 can (10 oz) chicken, cut up

3 T ketchup

1 T chili powder

1 t paprika

¼ C diced green olives

3 eggs



For the side:






  1. Add chili ingredients to a pot (all except for the eggs) and simmer for 10 minutes.
  2. Push chili to one side of the pot.
  3. In the vacated space, fry 3 eggs, scrambled style, until set.
  4. Mix cooked eggs with the rest of the chili.
  5. Serve with hashbrowns.


Tasting Notes:


Good and balanced.  I enjoyed this chili quite a bit and consumed the lion’s share.  The saltiness of the olives complements the sweetness of the ketchup quite nicely.  From the ITP there was no consensus with regard to this chili’s flavor.  Thoughts ranged from okay to good to awesome.  There was, however, clear agreement on its appearance- weird.  Okay, it looks weird.




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