Beefy Zucchini Poetry Chili

Chili Haiku

zucchini fresh, fine

in chili with beef divine

sly jalapeno

The second consecutive chili with a substantial vegetable presence and here I go waxing poetic. Not surprising, I guess, as I have a susceptibility to “going beatnik”. No worries, there are good over-the-counter meds for such a distressful condition and I’m taking at least one of each. ‘Scuse me while I kiss the (chili) sky.


1 lb ground beef

1C diced white onion

1/4 C diced fresh jalapeno

2 C diced zucchini

1 C diced canned tomatoes

1 1/2  C vegetable juice

2 T chili powder

1 t hot sauce

1/2 t black pepper

1 t garlic powder

1 t cumin

1 t paprika


1) Brown ground beef, drain.

2) Add remaining ingredients and simmer on low for 45 minutes

3) serve over rice or noodles.

Beefy Zucchini Poetry Chili

Beefy Zucchini Poetry Chili




Tasting Notes:


The ITP seemed under enthused with regards to this offering.  I liked it, but it did lack a hook.  In a field of 176 chilis (and counting) one needs a certain je ne sais quoi to stand above the rest.  This is not to say that the beefy zucchini poetry chili is inferior in any way.  It is totally solid, especially over spaghetti noodles, enough kicks to make the scene.

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3 Responses to Beefy Zucchini Poetry Chili

  1. Ema Jones says:

    Very tempting!!
    Try Beef in Red Wine

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