Crispy Chicken and Jalapeno Chili

Anyone who has fried a pound of bacon has lamented the colossal waste generated by the process.  While 4 ounces of tantalizingly crispy bacon is a salty, greasy glory to behold, I’d rather have the full pound.  That’s why I’m launching the taking back the bacon initiative.  We pay for a pound, we should eat a pound.   This mindset is well and it is good, but as I’ve come to understand, actually shrinking the disparity between edible bacon and inedible waste is truly a significant conundrum.  At first, I pondered consuming the bacon raw.  There’d be no waste, right?  Simply buy the bacon, stumble into the grocer’s parking lot, peel open the package, and let the scrumptious bacon oozingly glide down your throat.  Aw, but that wouldn’t work.  Microbiology may be the new voodoo economics, but I think it is pretty sound on food poisoning.  Next, I thought to cook the bacon and use the grease as a steaming hot morning beverage.  Not so fast.  Bacon, as I know it, lacks caffeine.   If you aren’t bringing your “C” game, it’s going to be hard to displace coffee as the morning go-to drink- that is unless you’re packing methamphetamines.   Ok, we can’t drink the grease, how about putting it to use as a personal lubricant?  Distance runners, you know what I mean.  Chaffing can be hell.  Surly a pre-race lube up with some bacon grease will have you striding and gliding.   Shucks!  That would work either.  If my weekend in the woods taught me anything, it is that bear attacks are a big (furry) deal.  You don’t want to be tearing off on a trail run reeking of bacon, lest a bear (or Larry the Cable Guy) find you and maul you.  That leaves me to frying leftover chicken, jalapenos, and onions in (nearly) cast-off bacon grease.  Hey, not only will it taste good, they’ll be no scalding, or mauling, and certainly no trichinosis.




¼ C bacon grease

1 ½ C cooked chicken cubed

¼ C diced fresh jalapeno

½ C diced onion

2 T chili powder




  1. Heat bacon grease on high flame until it is sizzling hot.
  2. Add remaining ingredients and fry until everything turns brown, stirring all the while.


Crispy Chicken and Jalapeno Chili

Crispy Chicken and Jalapeno Chili

Frying up some bacon love ya'all

Frying up some bacon love ya’all

Tasting Notes:


Mrs. Chili365 have this her highest praise, as I believe “very good” is incredibly effusive in her world.  The guest ITP also enjoyed this chili and its zesty, spicy goodness.  As I had no tortillas available (I know, I know, what the hell is wrong with me),  I used something that is the cultural polar opposite of a tortilla and grabbed an English Muffin.  It worked.  This chili has class and pizzazz.  Join the few, the proud, the folks taking back the bacon.

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5 Responses to Crispy Chicken and Jalapeno Chili

  1. frugoal says:

    Definitely need to try this!

  2. Raymond says:

    Wow looks yummy!

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