Eggs Chili Benedict

This morning’s is a breakfast of true international intrigue. Beauty job by the Canadians for sharing their bacon with us, eh? A hearty cheerio to the English for giving us their muffins. Chili is the thread that ties this dish (and hyperbolically speaking, the entire cosmos) together. I like numbers, at least when they favor me. Here’s an example- number of ingredients in chili eggs benedict that appear in the typical eggs benedict- 3 (out of 4). My recipe’s noted omission, hollandaise sauce. I’ve never made a hollandaise sauce. Not only is the sauce an eerie yellow color, its synthesis requires the use of a double broiler. The chili sauce I’ve lovingly created for the chili eggs benedict requires no double broiler, is a handsome chili color, and shares exactly ZERO ingredients in common with hollandaise. How’s nada for a favorable number?


Chili Sauce:

¾ C tomato
1 T chili powder
1 T sugar
1 T dried onion flakes

Other Stuff:

Canadian bacon
English muffins


1) Prepare eggs to your liking. (We made fried eggs)
2) Toast the English muffins. (I like mine lightly toasted while Mrs. Chili 365 likes them charred so badly that the CIA couldn’t identify them using dental records).
3) Prepare the sauce by adding sauce ingredients to a small pan and simmer for 30 minutes.
4) Assemble chili eggs benedict- muffin, bacon, egg, sauce.
5) Enjoy. (we ate ours “McMuffin Sandwich” style)


Eggs Chili Benedict

Eggs Chili Benedict

Tasting Notes:

I can see why eggs benedict had been the most expensive item on the breakfast menu at the diner at which I had worked as a teen. (Note- they never allowed me to cook…..I wonder why.) This is a totally mind-bendingly wonderful breakfast- especially, I surmise, with the chili sauce in place of the hollandaise. The ITP offered similar (though more articulated) high praise for our chili breakfast. Mrs. Chili365’s suggestion- serve the chili sauce on the side for dipping. My suggestion- slather the entire breakfast with chili sauce, portion additional sauce for dipping, and use chili sauce as toothpaste.

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