Chili Fish Burritos

More people should have told me that cooking a whole carp over burning garbage was a bad idea. Fortunately I survived that adolescent experience without even the slightest hint of peptic discomfort. Suffice to say, much has changed since my days as a pitchfork-wielding, carp-spearing bandito. My tastes and (thankfully) my methods have become far more refined. I love fish burritos. The best I’ve had the pleasure of tasting was prepared at a Mexican restaurant Fisherman’s Warf. The wait staff and cook were gracious enough to serve us a burrito breakfast despite their having technically not yet opened for the day’s business. I hunger to duplicate the recipe, but the memory grows foggy over the years-(no doubt the putrid carp grilled over smoldering detritus has something to do with my memory loss). Anyway, I’ll make some fish and rice with chili seasonings and loving wrap the mess in a flour tortilla. What could possibly go wrong?

170 Days of chili and counting

1 lb boneless skinless fish, cut into chunks (we used Swai)
2 C canned diced tomato
1 C vegetable juice
½ C water
½ C basmati rice
1 C black olives, sliced
½ C white onion, diced
1 ½ T chili powder
1 T taco seasoning
½ T garlic powder



1) Place ingredients in a pot (not tortillas) on high heat until the chili starts to boil.
2) Turn down heat to very low, cover, and simmer for 45 minutes.
3) To serve, spoon ingredients into tortillas.

Chili Fish Burritos

Chili Fish Burritos

Tasting notes:

Far, far superior to the “refuse sushi” carp meal of my youth and not quite the dish of culinary ecstasy I experienced in San Francisco, this chili was good. The mild, flaky fish nestled nicely into the mild chili tomato sauce. The whole thing was nice and mild- too mild. I had to jazz mine up with some hot sauce. Pre joined in and together we downed quite a bit of hot sauce. The remaining ITP were satisfied with this chili, but I sense that they too would have appreciated more zip.

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