Chili Meatball and Corn Micro Subs

An efficient kitchen is a happy kitchen. Leveraging leftovers to sate the hungry Involuntary Taste Panel is luxuriously economical. Owing to the fact that no raccoons, ticks, or yetis were astute enough to defeat our unsophisticated “food safe”, we find ourselves flush with hotdog buns, leftover from our camping trip. If only the government could run the Homeland Security Program like we run a campsite. There’d be a sufficient number of smallish, doughy bread products to feed Mama Cass.

With regard to efficiency, this recipe is the double whammy. I had the chili meatball and corn micro subs completed in under 15 minutes- thus acrobatically shoe-horning a meal into our hectic summer “recess” schedule.

Day 168


3 T fresh jalapeno, diced
1 C white onion, diced
¾ C fresh corn, cooked
1T chili powder
½ t garlic salt
½ t cumin
1 t Mexican oregano
½ pound precooked meatballs, cut in half
1 t hot sauce
1 C tomato sauce

Hot dog buns
Shredded cheddar cheese

1) Dry fry the jalapeno, onion, corn, and spices over high heat for 5 minutes, stiffing constantly.
2) Add Meatballs and cook for 3 minutes over high heat, stirring constantly.
3) Add hot sauce and tomato sauce and cook over high heat for 5 minutes, stirring constantly.
4) Serve on hotdog buns covered with cheddar cheese.

Chili Meatball and Corn Micro Subs

Chili Meatball and Corn Micro Subs

Tasting Notes;

Mrs. Chili365 was a huge fan of this chili. I echo her sentiment. Quick and simple can be quite excellent. The zesty chili paired nicely with the doughy buns, the meatball added a sophistication of texture, and the cheese sewed the whole thing together quite nicely. Had I had more time, I’d have likely made the meal more convoluted with the addition of extra ingredients. Fortunately, I quit while I was ahead. In so doing, I created a chili micro sub for the ages. Yay.

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