Chili Voodoo Volcano Pancake

There are no active volcanoes in these parts. Compensatorily, I can make a totally mean baked pancake- roughly approximating the appearance of a magma-spewing hill. This dish’s likeness to a violently chaotic relief map may quite possibly be the result of mysterious black magic. Good thing I am helping Miles run down the (elevation) voodoo during training this week. Nothing like serial hill repeats to blast out the cobwebs and work up an appetite for chili voodoo volcano pancakes. You know things are going well when you run off script and willingly attack the hill one more time (then one more time). Hopefully it will serve me well in this month’s ultramarathon* and next month’s trail marathon. If not, that’s fine too, at least I have pancakes- chili pancakes.

* Dearest Microsoft- why has not ultramarathon entered into your vernacular? The age of enlightenment begins now.


2 T butter
3 eggs
½ C flour
½ C milk
2 t chili powder
1 ½ T dried New Mexican chilies, diced soaked until soft
½ t paprika
½ t garlic salt (or less if you would care for lower sodium)
2 T real bacon bits


1) Preheat over to 400F.
2) In a 9” glass pie plate, melt butter.
3) In a bowl, mix remaining ingredients.
4) Pour mix onto melted butter in the pie dish.
5) Bake until complete (you’ll see what I mean [~20-25 minutes]).

chili voodoo volcano pancakes.    Go get 'dem hills.

chili voodoo volcano pancakes.
Go get ‘dem hills.

Tasting Notes:

To my surprise, this hill-aceous chili sparked excitement in exactly no one. When prodded, the Involuntary Taste Panel and Guest ITP plaintively stated that the chili was okay. It appears that no points were awarded for creativity nor for topography. Also clear was the reality that I am the sole soul excited by hills (and voodoo-Happy Friday the 13th to all). I found the chili delicious and was entirely glad to eat three times my share.

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