Diablo Chili Crab Spread

Since the onset of 2014, life has become a ceaseless journey into the stuttering madness of chili every single day (160 and counting). Desires for specific ingredients will wax and wane but one constant is the covetous longing for a seafood chili of such extraordinary quality that it takes the bees out right at their knees.
Thank you Dana Fashina for the inspiration for this chili.


1/3 C pickled pepper rings, diced
¼ C mayonnaise
¼ C sour cream
2 t chili powder
1 T lime juice
1 clove garlic, mashed
2 – 6 oz cans of crab meat, drained
1/3 C parmesan cheese


1) Mix ingredients in a bowl.
2) Spoon mix into a sauce pan and cook on low until the spread becomes bubbly and begins to thicken.
3) Serve with bagels, crackers, or French fries.

Diablo Chili Crab Spread

Diablo Chili Crab Spread

Tasting Notes:

Widely acclaimed as excellent, this chili scored big points with the Involuntary Taste Panel. Accolades uttered by the (at times fickle) ITP included: terrific, excellent, and awesome. There has been an urgent request to make this again. Not bad, not bad.

My take- the diablo chili crab spread was very good. It could have used a little more heat. Red pepper flakes would have served it quite well. Some additional thickness would not have hurt either. While not quite to the standards of the bees’ knees, there is no reason to complain, as everyone left the table happy, no leftovers remained, and no apiary was required.

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9 Responses to Diablo Chili Crab Spread

  1. Dana Fashina says:

    Well shucks, now I want to try some!

  2. firecook says:

    I think Homer has a surprise look because this is a bowl of Chili crab spread and not a donut:)

  3. firecook says:

    Looks good too..

  4. spasture says:

    I ended up eating a good bit of it. It was tasty, but a little more spice and density would have really put this chili over the top.

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