Happy Trails Chili Rubbed Roast

Cooking by fire “pits” the satiety of hunger against acute injury by flame. A cursory understanding of rapid oxidation coupled with a steady hand (and in this case, a “bitchin’” chili rub) separates the scorched from the satisfied. As we are already waxing philosophical, trail running is approximates a metaphor for life. One sets out on a shaded, winding path wrought with questionable footing and on a trajectory of unknown certitude engaging a traverse of muddled virtue. Always is the subconscious urge to push forward, despite clear obstacles and the uncertainty of the travel. Mind the surroundings and commit to breathing deeply and experiencing the journey. On a related note, if you see Pre this week, congratulate him on is huge finish on today’s monster trail run.

The cool part about this chili rub is how rapidly it can be assembled. For example, if you are trying to feed chickens, pound two cups of coffee, and ready your 11 year old for a 12 mile trail race, things can look pretty flipping bleak- at least for getting to the starting line on time. Not to worry, I prepped this trail run chili rub in about 5 minutes and set the “rubbed” roast in the fridge to chill for 10 hours. The most “hands on” part of the meal was the grilling portion. Again, not to worry, I had my “hands on” a beer nearly the whole time.

158 days of chili without rest- on a trail to 365..


Chili Rub:
2T chili powder
1 t black pepper
1 t coriander
1 t ground mustard
1 t cumn
2 T brown sugar
4 cloves garlic, crushed

Special coating:
¼ C olive oil
1 t sriracha sauce


2 lb chuck roast


1) Mix chili rub ingredients in a bowl.
2) In a separate bowl, mix special coating.
3) Brush the special coating on both sides of the roast.
4) Brush chili rub on both sides of the roast.
5) Place rubbed roast in the refrigerator for 10 hours.
6) Grill over indirect heat for quite a while, turning once. Finish by grilling over direct heat, turning once.*
*Times will vary. I failed to keep track of how long I grilled this, as I was engaged in a game of whiffle ball and then some Frisbee action. (i.e. I was experiencing the journey).

Happy Trails Chili Rubbed Roast

Happy Trails Chili Rubbed Roast

Tasting Notes:

At the outset, I had some reservations with regard to grilling a cut of meat this thick. In the end, the mostly-indirect approach proved fortuitous. The meal was top notch. I hit the target with a crisp, chili outside encasing a delicately juicy interior- this was a tremendously good steak and I highly recommend it. The chuck roast was a nice cut of meat and we did it proud. Forks down, the ITP loved this recipe. Happy days, happy trails.

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