Naked Egg and Artichoke Chili

Mornings are a time for scuffling preparation. A launching pad for the remainder of the day, it is important to fortify with a sustaining breakfast. Today’s (good morning!) chili is stripped down, as it features fewer ingredients. Fortunately for all involved, “naked” in the context of today’s chili doesn’t refer to my style of dress (or undress) as I prepped breakfast. I was resplendent in a sweaty pair of plaid shorts and a trail run t-shirt. The “naked” refers to the chili powder. Uncustomarily, today I did not boil the chili powder in a tomato sauce or broth, but added it directly to the dry ingredients. Yum.

Day 157
Regardless of wardrobe, I’ll be paying for washing my chili down with two cups of coffee. Heartburn is a cruel, yet admirably consistent companion.


1 can (14 oz) artichokes, drained
¼ C New Mexico chilies, reconstituted and diced (Hi Firecook- These were red)
2 t chili powder
½ t black pepper
6 eggs

* Precooked bacon, cut into bits


1) Add artichokes, rehydrated chilies, chili powder, and black pepper to a skillet and fry for 5 minutes.
2) Add eggs, and fry until the eggs are set. Break the yolks and turn the eggs as you go.
3) When serving, sprinkle with bacon.

Naked Egg and Artichoke Chili.  (in process)

Naked Egg and Artichoke Chili. (in process)

Tasting Notes:

Bacon was a late addition to this dish. The chili sans bacon was very good. The chili WITH bacon was incredible (the ITP agreed). In a turn of phrase, the chili did not save my bacon, rather, the bacon saved my chili. In a second stroke of good fortune, Bacon saved the day in another respect. Today I was totally stoked for homebrewing a Simcoe/Cascade Pale Ale. Just one piece of the brew-day puzzle was missing. I had been searching all morning for my carboy brush, a critical implement used for cleaning my fermentation vessels. I had nearly torn the house apart in a futile attempt to locate the prodigal scrubber. I was about to give up on today’s brewing escape. With a sigh of utter resignation, I lovingly reached out to sprinkle delicious bacon on Mrs. Chili365’s naked egg and artichoke chili. As I did, my gaze fixed on the corner of our (ridiculously tiny) kitchen. There, partially obscured by the microwave, lay the carboy brush. Brewing day is saved! Mrs. Chili365 astutely pointed out that somewhere way up above the bacon gods must have pointed a greasy finger and spectrally aided me in my time of brewing need. Huh? Whatever. She builds the bacon church, I’ll fill the pews. When there’s a bacon rapture, I guess you can count me in.

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