Pot Luck Burger and Bratwurst Chili – DAY 150

Hamburgers and Bratwurst are two summertime favorites. At a cookout, tailgate, or party you’ll find these meat-rific delicacies confined to buns and isolated from one another. Today’s recipe happily finds them bereft of the bread and playfully comingling in a rich and savory chili. The key to this savory richness is all in the technique, as this recipe finds me eschewing convention and NOT draining fat after frying the burgers and bacon cheddar brats. If my tenuous grasp of zoology serves me well, at least three different animals have gone into making those yummy meats. That number is impressive and, indeed, all of those tasty drippings MUST be wholesome.

1 lb ground beef
19 oz cheddar bacon brats, sliced
2 C vegetable juice
2 C tomato sauce
3T chili powder
1t onion powder
1t garlic powder
1t coriander
1t paprika
1t srircha sauce
1T yellow prepared mustard
1t cumin
15oz pintos


1) Fry ground beef and brats in a pot until the meat is full cooked. DO not drain.
2) Add the remaining ingredients EXCEPT the beans.
3) Bring to a boil then turn down heat.
4) Simmer on low for one hour.
5) Add beans and simmer 10 minutes longer.

Pot Luck Burger and Bratwurst Chili - DAY 150  Too close for comfort.

Pot Luck Burger and Bratwurst Chili – DAY 150 Too close for comfort.

Tasting Notes:

As the name suggests, this dish was offered as a sacrifice to the potluck gods or maybe they are just my coworkers, at times it’s hard to tell them apart. On a strange note, I dished up the chili using an ice cream scoop. Why and ice cream scoop? After rifling through the drawers in the kitchen at work I found 0 (zero) serving spoons and 5 (five!) ice cream scoops. Mind you, I’m not an employee of Baskin Robbins or Brown Bunny. Given this information, the presence of 5 scoops at my job site is preposterous. Anyway, all coworkers commended the chili, despite the odd manner in which it was served. The ITP liked it too, even though they are “bun” people. I’d recommend this chili as it is hearty enough to satisfy while coming off as too obtuse. Oh yeah, and it is wholesome, as there a whole lot of some meat in there.

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