What’s Shakin’ Grilled Chili Catfish

In the joyous throes of a long holiday weekend, grilling out is compulsory. Allegiance to the mesmerizing shimmer of the glimmering coals is mandatory. Chili in any form is rhapsody, while grilled chili is ecstasy. The sheer rapture of charbroiled chili is breathtaking. Chased with a carefully crafted homebrew, the experience gently (neigh, PROFOUNDLY) morphs into unmitigated ecstasy. Boom.

Day 143 Make my day.


1 Package Shake N’ Bake for pork (Kraft Brand) (In your face corporate America..)
1 T chili powder
1/8 t powdered jalapeno
1 t paprika
½ t powdered garlic
½ t powdered onion
1 lb catfish nuggets.


1) Mix seasoning ingredients in a small plastic bag.
2) Add fish to seasoning bag and shake, shake, shake.
3) Grill on medium high flame until the fish is completely cooked.
4) Serve with grilled corn on the cob.

What’s Shakin’ Grilled Chili Catfish

What’s Shakin’ Grilled Chili Catfish

sans toe tag

sans toe tag

Tasting Notes:

Catfish is one of the more ticklish fish, in the context of cooking. If the stars do not align perfectly, a dish that is “squirmy” on the palate is the inevitable result. Today’s chili offering was not squirmy. If anything, I erred on the side of overcooking. The results were solid. Despite using a “pork” coating for the fish, all was well. Apparently, the Kraft shake n’ bake offering is not, in fact, xenophobic. The chili seasonings came through with a welcome gusto and each of the ITP enjoyed tonight’s chili. More (oh so much more) could (and should) be written, but I’ve squandered my time injudiciously. Enjoy the day.

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