3 Ingredient Fish Chili

Simple carries itself well. Certainly approachable, often alluring, perhaps (in the right light) even sexy. Are we too easily seduced by the convoluted, the contrived, and the complicated? Minimal is elegant, while elaborate begs phony. Why hide from the truth? Have we the ability to recognize simplicity as beauty or must we bludgeon common sense by perpetuating perplexingly complex consumerist opportunism? Sanity lies in acceptance of the raw and the stark. In the acceptance of austerity, thus, you stand brilliantly as sufficient and with certainty A OK.

Day 136


1 lb cod fish, cut into small chunks
¾ C green salsa
1 T chili powder


Place in a slow cooker and cook on low for 9 hours.

You can serve this with corn tortillas, rice, and homemade coleslaw, as we had.

3 Ingredient Fish Chili

3 Ingredient Fish Chili

Tasting Notes:

Those endowed with ability to derive joy from the rise of the sun and its post-diurnal setting are among the most fortunate. Ones who draw comfort from family, a glorious pair running shoes, and a brood of vociferous backyards hens are the selectively blessed. Rare indeed is the soul whose cooking unfailing pleases his companions. Well, to (again) dredge up Meatloaf (image evoking, and no pleasantly so, is it?)-“Two out of three ain’t bad.” The ITP wasn’t totally thrilled with this chili. This begs the Confucian conundrum- if I were to replace the ITP (i.e. my family) with a group of compulsive eaters I had kidnapped from a Weight Watchers meeting, am I simply gilded in pure evil or purely guilty simple of gerrymandering? Simple this answer is not.
To the point, the chili was not bad. It did go well with rice, corn tortillas, and slaw. If I were to do this again, I’d make one change. After slow cooking, I’d place the chili in a pot with one beaten egg and cook until thickened. This would serve to make the fish chili thicker and by my math, that’d make it 4 ingredient fish chili.

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